About Dance by the Sea

Our Mission

Dancers Against Cancer Logo Dance by the Sea's mission is to advance educators and their students in the art of Dance through unconventional classes and performance opportunities. We strive to stimulate and nurture new ideas in education and advancement to promote growth, inspire, and encourage teachers and their students in dance practice as well as performance.

Today's youth often have a difficult time finding significance in a world of distraction. By teaming with Dancers Against Cancer, DBS seeks to focus on one simple message: All dancers can use their gift to bless others and change lives. We hope to provide students with opportunities to learn respect, empathy, compassion and an understanding of the significant impact they can make by using their talents. A portion of the profits from Dance by the Sea will be donated to DAC to help a dancer or dancers with cancer.

Register for the experience of a lifetime.

 We are looking forward to seeing you and your students this September!


Participant Expectations

  • Sportsmanship like conduct at all times.
  • Support and cheer for all dancers and participating studios
  • Show appreciation for teachers, adjudicators, and judges
  • Maintain a positive attitude that encourages everyone to grow

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Entry Requirements


Dance by the Sea
313 Derby Down Way
Wilmington, NC 28409

Please note:

  1. Miss DBS & performance opportunities are not mandatory in order to participate in workshop.
  2. Workshop is mandatory in order participate in Miss DBS divisions and performance /adjudication.
  3. Space is limited. Workshop, Miss DBS divisions and performance/adjudication opportunities will be enrolled on a rolling basis.


Parents of registered dancers are allowed into workshop classes, if they have purchased an observer wristband. Observers must be accompanying a paid student. Observers do not have access to any teacher only events.



Videotaping will be allowed in workshop classes when permitted by Teachers. This totally subjective and will be TBA in your teacher packet.

Video and Photography are not allowed during performance/ adjudication or Ambassador/ Title division competition.


  • Workshop: $200 per participant
  • Parent/Guardian Observer Pass: $25
  • Title Competition: $80 per entry
  • Performance + adjudication: Soloist - $65, Duet / Trio - $30 p.p., Small Group $30 p.p.

Exciting performance opportunities supporting dancers against cancer and DBS. Details coming soon.


Mail payment to:

Dance by the Sea
313 Derby Down Way
Wilmington, NC 28409 



We are proud to honor LaVonda Gaskin Howard

LaVonda was diagnosed with stage 2A breast cancer on February 17th, 2009 and is a 7 year survivor. After going through chemo, radiation, double mastectomy, lymphandectomy, and multiple reconstruction surgeries, she feels blessed to be given a second chance in life.

A native Wilmingtonian and a graduate of New Hanover High School and East Carolina University, LaVonda has been a dance instructor to children of all ages for over 20 years. Dance has always been her passion and cancer taught her that you've gotta learn to "Dance in the rain".